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Starting an initiative to support the long-term electronical preservation of mathematical publications

Mathematicians and professionals applying mathematics need quick, reliable and integrated access to mathematical publications. Long-term availability of publications is a particular need in mathematics.

Electronic storage and offers of publications in mathematics are confronting content producers and libraries with challenging problems for maintaining and providing their services in the future.

Digitising of print-only publications and the adjustment of these offers to the current facilities provided for electronic publications lead to a new series of problems to be solved. Electronic publishing offers a variety of additional information in mathematics which has to be integrated into the access to the traditional types of publications.

To ensure long-term preservation and accessibility of mathematical information in digital form, EMANI has been stated in July 2002 supported by leading mathematical societies, the scientific publisher Springer-Verlag and most importantly four major international academic libraries: Cornell University Library (Ithaca, New York), the State and University Library Göttingen (Germany), Tsinghua University Library (Beijing), and Orsay Mathematical Library (Paris).


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