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  About EMANI 

  Working Groups



Agenda of 4th EMANI Meeting
(April 4th-5th, 2003 at Paris/France)

 Participants of the 4th EMANI Project Meeting

Location of the Meeting

Institut Henri Poincaré
11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris
Tel. 01-44-27-66-50
or 01-43-54-42-10
Fax 01-46-34-29-83


Friday, April 4th, 2003

Download of agenda as MS-Word document

Download of minutes as MS-Word document


M. Broué/B. Teissier





Practical organizational issues

Liliane Zweig


Discussion and approval of the Agenda



Discussion and approval of the Göttingen minutes



Report on the general progress of EMANI (10 min.)
Report on the situation and perspectives of the partners, at most 10 min each



Reports on state of the workpackages

  • WP1 Import and presentation formats
  • WP2 Workflow
  • WP3 Metadata
  • WP4 Access, Navigation, Design
  • WP5 Copyright
  • WP6 Retrodigitization
  • WP7 Sustainability
  • WP9 Expansion into other Disciplines
  • WP10 Architecture

Chair et al.

Agreement on breakout sessions



Breakout sessions




Saturday April 5th, 2003


Breakout sessions



Reports on breakout sessions



Reports on the progress of related projects

Organizational issues (Steering committee, advisory board) and legal status of EMANI

Discussion of date and location of the next EMANI-meeting

Poland /Becker




Conclusions and acknowledgements




General Comments

Partner institutions are kindly requested to indicate who will give their report at the start of the session on Friday. The agenda will be adjusted accordingly.

WP chairs are kindly requested to indicate if they want to skip the report on their WP or, if not so, who will give the report on their WP. Several speakers will be possible. Also in this case the agenda will be adjusted accordingly.

The agenda is open for proposals for changes and additions, which preferably should be brought to the attention of the organizers and/or coordinator in advance if possible.


Cornell input for WP 2

Previous Meetings

 Participants of the 3rd EMANI Project Meeting

 Agenda of 3rd EMANI-Meeting at Göttingen (November 2002)

 Agenda of 2nd EMANI-Meeting at Ithaca (July 2002)

 Agenda of 1st EMANI-Meeting at Heidelberg (February 2002)


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