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9th EMANI Meeting

Meeting of the EMANI Steering Committee

on October 16, 2006 at Cellule MathDoc, Institut Fourier, Grenoble

Download of Minutes (MS-Word document)




  • CMD: T. Bouche, E. Cherhal, Y. Laurent
  • CUL: J. Poland, D. Ruddy
  • SUB: T. Fischer
  • TUL: Jiang Airong
  • B. Wegner

Start of the meeting: 9.30

Item 0: Welcome and Approval of the agenda

The missing participants from Springer are excused. The member of the Steering Committee from SUB has changed because of the change of the director. Before the meeting the new director of SUB, Norbert Lossau, had declared by e-mail that he wants to continue the work of his predecessor, Professor Mittler, for EMANI.
The agenda is approved without changes.

Item 1: Progress report on access structures and metadata (NSF/DFG project)

David Ruddy gives a report on the MathArc project. The text of the  report is presented in a separate file (see MathArcReport2006-10.doc). As an extension of the initial goals of the NSF/DFG project mentioned in the previous minutes a preservation management system has been developed. Project Euclid will serve as a test bed for the preservation management system. More details are presented under Item 2.

Item 2: Plans for the preservation of digital content and archives

The item starts with a general general discussion of existing digital preservation facilities. In particular the projects which gave a presentation at the iPRES-conference at Cornell one week ago are considered. Springer already is participating in LOCKSS, or better the updated version of this project called CLOCKSS, and is on the way to become partner of Portico. In this context the aims and mission of EMANI are compared with what is offered by Portico.
Bernd Wegner points out some differences which makes it worthwhile to consider a solution for the long-term preservation of digital mathematical publications by the EMANI-partners on its own. A detailed comparison of the EMANI requirements with the offer by Portico still has to be carried out.
The EMANI-partners agree that Portico should not be taken as a reason to stop this part of the EMANI activities. In particular the new director of SUB has confirmed before the meeting that they want to pursue their solution within the TeXDocC further. Springer continues to provide content for this project.

2a) Report from CMD

There only will be a local activity for the long-term preservation of the digital content for the journals, which are under control of CMD. This may include the preparation of the data and passing them to an external preservation service. The preservation mainly will be based on source files. No migration from external content to the preservation activities at CMD is planned.

2b) Report from CUL

CUL is carrying out an evaluation of available long-term preservation activities. Together with SUB the development of the preservation management project MathArc is pursued. Main problem for the installing an own preservation project is to provide the man power for such an activity. A detailed report on the activities at CUL is given by the presentation CUL_pres_digi_2006.ppt.

2c) Report from SUB

A detailed report on the activities at SUB is given by the presentation SUB_pres_digi_2006.ppt.

2d) Report from TUL

A detailed report on the activities at TUL is given by the presentation TUL_pres_2006.ppt.

2e) Report from Springer

There is no report from Springer, but as has been confirmed before the meeting that Springer continues to offer content for the EMANI long-term preservation activities.

2f) Discussion of actions for EMANI

As a result of the initial discussion for this item and the presentations of the EMANI libraries the only party left for caring about long-term preservation of digital publications in mathematics will be SUB. This will happen within the TeXDocC project. CUL will care about a small internal solution with project Euclid as test bed. How far the participation of TUL in their national long-term digital preservation project could result in solutions for EMANI has to be investigated.

Item 3: Retrodigitisation activities

Retrodigitization was a dominant feature for EMANI in addition to structural considerations for the long-term preservation of digital content in mathematics. Hence the reports of the partner libraries under this item deal with progress for the further development of digital content at their sites.

3a) Report from CMD

In contrast to previous years CMD started to digitize content of foreign journals like  Compositio Math. or some Italian journals,  because most French mathematical journals have been digitized already as far as there was a chance to get a licence for this. In addition old French mathematical journals were handled like the Math. Annales de Gergonne. A detailed report on the digitization activities at CMD is given by the presentation NUMDAM_digi_2006.doc.

3b) Report from CUL

A detailed report on the digitization activities at CUL is given by the presentation CUL_pres_digi_2006.ppt.

3c) Report from SUB 

A detailed report on the digitization activities at SUB is given by the presentation SUB_pres_digi_2006.ppt. Some future leading considerations can be seen from gdz_2007.ppt. Currently the main acitivities deal with the Russian_German project RusDML.

3d) Report from TUL

A detailed report on the digitization activities at TUL is given by the presentation TUL_digi_2006.ppt.
A survey of the e-journals on Chinese mathematics available at TUL gives TUL_journal_list.doc.

3e) Report from Springer

No report had been given.

3f) Discussion of actions for EMANI

The partners agree that for the EMANI content provided by the different parties an integrated access has to be developed.

Item 4: The WDML registry

The registry is an important tool for the description and administration of the digital content available in mathematics. It also should serve as tool for deciding which printed publications deserve a digitization by a later project.

4a) Discussion of the offer made by AMS through IMU

The IMU has installed an official digitization registry, which goes back to a list offered by Ulf Rehmann. This list has been slightly enhanced by AMS/Mathematical Reviews, approved by the CEIC as suitable for the WDML and accepted as the WDML-registry by IMU on proposal of the CEIC.

Bernd Wegner explains why he considers the registry as unsuitable and points out why several standards and requirements developed by EMANI and also by CEIC are not satisfied by this list. The good news are that the list is open for being copied and modified by parties interested in the subject. He complains that at the digitization workshop at MSRI in April 2005 a group for a discussion how to establish a digitization registry has been formed in cooperation with the CEIC and this has been totally ignored by the current action of the CEIC.

4b) EMANI requirements for the digitization registry

Bernd Wegner proposes to develop a comprehensive digitization registry within EMANI. He will care about a first draft and coordinate this with some of the EMANI partners.

Item 5: External cooperations

5a) Status of the cooperation with MSRI

There were signs from MSRI in 2005 that they have interest to participate in EMANI. At that time it was very likely that MSRI may develop its own digitization activities. This plan is not pursued anymore. As a consequence the discussion of a cooperation between MSRI and EMANI is not of interest anymore.

5b) Relations with WDML

Nothing to report. Up to the installation of the digitization registry mentioned under Item 4 no activities of CEIC or IMU for obtaining progress with the WDML are visible.

Item 6: The EMANI website, information dissemination on EMANI

Nothing to report

Item 7: Miscellaneous

Next meeting: In spite of having planned the date of the current meeting one year in advance two members of the Steering Committee had to cancel their participation. There is an invitation from SUB to have the next meeting in Göttingen. This is gratefully accepted. The meeting should take place in October 2007. The precise date for this has to be found by contacting the members of the Steering Committee by e-mail, because not all of them are present at the current meeting..

The participants of the current meeting express their gratitude to CMD for their hospitality.

End of the meeting: 16.00

Protocol written by Bernd Wegner, November 16, 2006


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