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The following workgroups were installed to discuss specific themes and problems:

  • WP1: Import and presentation formats
  • WP2: Workflow
  • WP3: Metadata
  • WP4: Access, Navigation, Design
  • WP5: Copyright
  • WP6: Retrodigitization
  • WP7: Economic Sustainability
  • WP8: Outreach and dissemination
  • WP9: Expansion into other disciplines
  • WP10: Architecture

More Information

  WP1 Chair:
Thomas Fischer
SUB Göttingen
  WP2 Chair:
Gertraud Griepke
Springer Verlag Heidelberg
  WP3 Chair:
Heike Neuroth
SUB Göttingen
  WP4 Chair:
Tom Hickerson
Cornell University Ithaca
  WP5 Chair:
Elmar Mittler
SUB Göttingen
  WP6 Chair:
Markus Enders
SUB Göttingen
  WP7 Chair:
Jean Poland
Cornell University Ithaca
  WP8 Co-Chairs:
Jean Poland
Cornell University Ithaca and Bernd Wegner
TH Berlin
  WP9 Chair:
Rüdiger Gebauer
Springer Verlag New York
  WP10 Chair:
Frank Klaproth
SUB Göttingen)


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